Research in MEBS

Callan Institute Research (CIR):

Callan Institute meets changing demands by keeping abreast of new methods, developing research projects and theories as they relate to intellectual disability and behaviours that challenge.

The incorporation into the model of ideas, research and techniques that enhance quality of service is, as a consequence, an ongoing process.

The following is a sample of current research projects:

  • ‘Positive Behaviour Support: An evaluation of clinical practice on behavioural outcomes for adults with an intellectual disability and behaviours that challenge.’
  • ‘Functionally based Reactive Strategies’ - a rational for the use of such strategies in the context of Positive Behaviour Support.
  • “Multi-Element Positive Behaviour Support as a model for the delivery of a Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA) for working with people with intellectual disability and behaviours that challenge.”
  • Social Validity and the Multi-Element Model.