The UCD Centre for Disability Studies is proud to announce the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Programme. We are offering three Summer courses in 2022  for CPD, which are: ‘Multi-Element Behaviour Support’, ‘Identity Sexuality, Mortality & Trauma’, and ‘Applied Research Methods’. We are delighted to partner with colleagues from the Callan Institute, Saint John of God Community Services, on two new modules, ‘Multi-Element Behaviour Support’ and ‘Identity Sexuality, Mortality and Trauma in Disability’. Our third module Applied Research Methods will be of interest to those conducting applied qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research. 

For schedule and further details concerning the modules please click on the following links, PSY40870 - Multielement Behaviour SupportPSY40880 Identity Sexuality & MortalityPSY 40540 Applied Research Methods

Applicants who successfully complete these modules as CPD exit with a Certificate of Attendance from the UCD Centre for Disability Studies.

You can register here:

All information on the CPD modules can be found here UCD School of Psychology | Continuous Professional Development