Practice Certificate in Skills Teaching Using Systematic Instruction- Online Training

Course Description:

This intensive, competency based course provides practical training in precision teaching and programme writing. Participants are supervised in the implementation of skills teaching programmes with children or adults who have learning and communication support needs, and particular emphasis is given to learners who have severe or profound intellectiual disabilities.

On completion of the course, participants will be equipped to devise and implement effective skills teaching programmes, and to ensure a greater intensity of relevant skills teaching in the service within which they work.


 Course Outline

The course involves 3 x half-day on line modules of lectures and supervision along with practical assignments (18 hours) over a ten-week period. Each participant will implement a minimum of two skills teaching programmes with three different people. Supervision is based on a review of written documentation and video recording of actual skills teaching procedures.

Module one:
Participants will learn how to

  • Select a skill for teaching
  • Conduct a task analysis
  • Assess prior to teaching
  • Implement techniques for precision teaching

Module two
Participants will learn how to

  • Techniques for maximising participation
  • Techniques for maximising prompt effectiveness
  • Interactional style for skills teaching
  • Reinforcement selection and delivery
  • Efficient methods for documenting progress
  • To write a skills teaching programme

Module three:
Participants will learn

  • A proven, three level system of staff training
  • To implement an organisational system for ensuring intensive skills development within the service.
  • Evaluation of skills teaching procedures
  • Review and feedback on the skills teaching procedures implemented as course assignments.

Who Should Attend:

This course is suitable for frontline and resource staff who work with people with intellectual disability. Supervision and feedback is provided throughout training.

Time:      10.00am-1.00pm

Cost:     €200.00 per person 
 (Free to employees of Saint John of God Community Services Ltd.)


Course Dates  



COURSE 1      (3 modules) MONTH DATE
Module 1 February 27
Module  2 April 9
Module  3 May 29



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