Callan Institute as part of the Saint John of God Hospitaller Ministries, promotes positive practices in the areas of Positive Behaviour Support and Relationships and Sexuality in intellectual disability.

Callan Institute provides consultation services to individuals with an intellectual disability. It also provides training and support services to families and staff teams and presents at conferences nationally and internationally. Callan Institue has an active research programme.

Callan Institute's philosophy and model of Positive Behaviour Support is based on the work of Dr Gary LaVigna, Dr Tom Willis and Professor Anne Donnellan of the Institute of Applied Behavioural Analysis (IABA), California, USA. In 1992, St John of God Hospitaller Services entered into a relationship with the IABA and with their kind permission this relationship continues to provide the foundation and support for Callan Institute’s work.

Callan Institute also encompasses RUA. RUA, which stands for Raising Understanding and Awareness about Oneself, Friendships, Relationships and Sexuality was established in 2003 and aims to enable people with an intellectual disability understand sexuality and develop friendships and relationships in their lives. 

Brother Benignus Callan

Brother Benignus Callan (1903- 1990) entered the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God in November 1922. He was elected Provincial in 1946 and as Provincial he encouraged the Irish Brothers to undertake pioneering work in the United States and Australia. As General Councillor from 1953 to 1965 he assisted in the governance of the Order world-wide. A deeply religious man with a sense of humour, tremendous patience and kindness, he had a quiet tenacity and perseverance when it came to getting things done. Callan Institute was founded in 1994 in memory of his spirit.


‘Values of Saint John of God’

Springing from the Christian values and holistic approach advocated and practised by its founder, the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God is dedicated to the provision of social, education, welfare and health services. It has a mission to ensure that persons availing of its services receive the highest quality care, education, training, treatment or assistance in accordance with their needs. There are five values of St John of God that provide a framework for all services to be delivered, these are

Hospitality        -          Compassion     -           Excellence      -     Justice     -     Respect      
Hospitality is a welcoming openess to all, to the familiar and the mystery of self, people, ideas, experience, nature and to God.

Compassion is feeling with another in their discomfort or suffering, striving to understand the other's experience with a willingness to reach out in solidarity.

Excellence is giving optimum standard of care and service within the scope of available resources.

Justice is a balanced and fair relationship with self, our neighbour, all of our creation and with God.


Respect is the attitude which treasures the unique dignity of every person and recognises the sacredness of all creation.